List of surveyed papers


Animal Games

Measuring the Impact of Game Controllers on Player Experience in FPS GamesBattlefield Bad Company 2Shoot 'Em Up, Adventure
DexController : Designing a VR Controller with Grasp-Recognition for Enriching Natural Game ExperienceOriginalShoot 'Em Up
FitBird: Improving Free-Weight Training Experience Using Wearable Sensors for Game ControlFlappybirdPlatform
Using a 3D Game to Study the Perceived Quality of Lifting Device ControlsOriginalTarget, Puzzle
Using Interactive Mouthguard as Alternative Control Method and Improve Mobile Gaming Experience with Self-Adaptive Human-Computer InterfacePUBGCombat
An Intuitive Tangible Game ControllerOriginalFlying, Target
Control Your Game-Self: Effects of Controller Type on Enjoyment,Motivation,and Personality in GameOriginalDriving, Collecting
Assessing User Preference of Video Game Controller Button SettingsFIFA 12Sports, Adaptation
Stirring up Experience through Movement in Game Play: Effects on Engagement and Social BehaviourDonkey KongaRhythm and Dance
Comparing Thermal and Haptic Feedback Mechanisms for Game ControllersOriginal(球体を見つける)Collecting
The Impact of Negative Game Reviews and User Comments on Player ExperienceFancy Pants Adventures, The Power of PaintPlatform, Target, Puzzle
The Effects of Realistic Controller and Real-Life Exposure to Gun on Psychology of Violent Video Game PlayersThe House of the Dead 2Shoot 'Em Up, Adventure
Influence of Primacy,Recency and Peak Effects on the Game Experience QuestionnaireCorc, Yooka, Super Mario, Rayman Origins, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Need for Speed Shift 2, Steep, 2012 London Olympic Games Beach , Volleyball, International Volleyball, 2012 London Olympic Games, Table Tennis, and CSGO. Sports, Driving, Racing
Changes of User Experience in an Adaptive Game: A Study of an AI ManagerMario KartDriving, Racing, Collecting
Measuring Game Experience Using Visual DistractorsTwo DotsのクローンPuzzle, Abstract
Towards Better Understanding of Player's Game ExperienceFIFA 2016Sports
The Experience of Telepresence with a Foreign Language Video Game and VideoSpace Channel 5: Part 2Rhythm and Dance, Adventure
SHAPIO: Shape I/O Controller for Video GamesOriginalFighting
温冷呈示を利用したビデオゲームインタラクションにおける手法の検討と開発OriginalPuzzle, Collecting, Simulation
The Role of Physical Controllers in Motion Video GamingOriginalSports
Designing a Game Controller for Motor Impaired PlayersMario and Metal SlugPlatform, Shoot 'Em Up, Adventure
Using Smart Eyeglasses as a Wearable Game ControllerPac-ManAbstract, Collecting, Escape, Maze
User Experiences with Mobile Phone Camera Game InterfacesOriginalMaze
Use of Eye Movements for Video Game ControlQuake 2, Neverwinter Nights, Lunar CommandShoot 'Em Up, Role-Playing, Adventure, Puzzle
The Influence of Controllers on Immersion in Mobile GamesBeach Buggy Blitz, Doodle JumpDriving, Racing, Collecting, Platform, Shoot 'Em Up
Touchscreens vs. Traditional Controllers in Handheld GamingAssassin's Creed: Altaïr's ChroniclesAdventure, Finghting
Experience in the Design and Development of a Game Based on Head-Tracking InputOriginalShoot 'Em Up
Emotional Experience of Older Adults with Digital Games for Smartphones - a Case Study of the Brazilian Game Viajando Pelo MundoViajando pelo MundoPuzzle, Card Games
The Influence of Social Entities in Virtual Reality Games on Player Experience and ImmersionOriginalMaze
Correlation between Heart Rate,Electrodermal Activity and Player Experience in First-Person Shooter GamesPrey, Doom, BioshockShoot 'Em Up, Adventure, Shoot 'Em Up, Adventure, Shoot 'Em Up, Adventure
Audience Experience in Social Videogaming: Effects of Turn Expectation and Game PhysicalityLondon2012: The Official Videogame of the Olympic Games, Wii Sports Resort, Kinect Sports, Kinect Sports: Season2Sports, Sports, Sports, Sports
Wiimote vs. Controller: Electroencephalographic Measurement of Affective Gameplay InteractionResident Evil 4Adventure, Shoot 'Em Up
Exploring 3D User Interface Technologies for Improving the Gaming ExperienceOriginalFlying, Shoot 'Em Up
Understanding User Experience in Stereoscopic 3D GamesJames Cameron's Avatar: The Game, Blur, TRINEAdventure, Shoot 'Em Up, Finghting, Driving, Racing, Platform
Towards Tailoring Player Experience in Physical Wii Games: A Case Study on RelaxationOriginalShoot 'Em Up
High Computer Gaming Experience May Cause Higher Virtual Reality SicknessOriginalPuzzle, Abstract
The Impact of Tangible Props on Gaming Performance and Experience in Gestural InteractionMicrosoft Kinect Sports RivalsSports
Biofeedback Game Design: Using Direct and Indirect Physiological Control to Enhance Game InteractionOriginalPlatform, Shoot 'Em Up
Gameplay Evaluation of the Trackball ControllerPenguin Hunt, Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareTarget, Shoot 'Em Up, Adventure
Evaluation of the User Experience and Intrinsic Motivation with Educational and Mainstream Digital Games他の研究のゲーム, Need For Speed Underground 2Management Simulation, Adventure, Driving, Racing
Comparing Player Experience in Video Games Played in Virtual Reality or on Desktop Displays: Immersion,Flow,and Positive EmotionsDriveclub, Driveclub VRDriving, Racing
Investigating the Usability,User Experiences,and Usefulness of Digital Game-Based Exercises for Elderly People: A Case Study of FinlandOriginalSports
Sensor Networks as Video Game Input DevicesOriginalRhythm and Dance
Understanding User Attention In VR Using Gaze Controlled GamesOriginalShoot 'Em Up
Combining Think-Aloud and Physiological Data to Understand Video Game ExperiencesPortalPuzzle
The VoodooIO Gaming Kit: A Real-Time Adaptable Gaming ControllerOriginalCombat
The Effect of Multiplayer Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment on the Player Experience of Video GamesUnreal Tournament IIICombat
Game Control Using Multiple SensorsOriginalSports
Motiis: Fostering Parents’ Awareness of Their Adolescents Emotional Experiences during GamingFortniteCombat
A Comparative Study of Hand Gesture Recognition Devices in the Context of Game DesignOriginalCollecting
時系列パターンに着目したアクションゲームのスキル獲得支援ULTRA STREET FIGHTER IVFighting
プレイヤーの気合を意識したコントローラOriginalShoot 'Em Up, Fighting
Controlling Viewpoint from Markerless Head Tracking in an Immersive Ball Game Using a Commodity Depth Based CameraOriginalSports
Breathalising Games: Understanding the Potential of Breath Control in Game InterfacesOriginalShoot 'Em Up, Maze, Sports
Performance of Modern Gaming Input Devices in First-Person Shooter Target AcquisitionOriginalTarget
Intuitive Interaction with Motion Controls in a Tennis Video GameVirtua Tennis 4Sports
Measuring Emotional Valence during Interactive Experiences: Boys at Video Game PlayJuicedRacing, Driving
Using Heart Rate to Control an Interactive GameOriginalSports, Target
Embedding a VR Game Studio in a Sedentary Workplace: Use,Experience and Exercise BenefitsHot Squat, Fruit Ninja, Holopoint, Holoball, LongbowSports, Fighting, Target, Sports
Measuring How Game Feel is Influenced by the Player Avatar's Acceleration and Deceleration: Using a 2D Platformer to Describe Players' Perception of Controls in VideogamesOriginalPlatform
Gaze-Controlled Gaming: Immersive and Difficult but Not Cognitively OverloadingOriginalMaze
Immersive FPS Games: User Experience and PerformanceUnreal Tournament 3Combat
I'm in the Game: Embodied Puppet Interface Improves Avatar ControlOriginalTarget
Hand Gesture Recognition and Virtual Game Control Based on 3D Accelerometer and EMG SensorsOriginalPuzzle
Left-Handed Control Configuration for Side-Scrolling GamesOriginalPlatform
Playing Different Games on Different Phones: An Empirical Study on Mobile GamingRayman3, Motor GP, Bowling2003Platform, Adventure, Fighting, Racing, Driving, Sports
Modality Switching and Performance in a Thought and Speech Controlled Computer GameOriginalCapturing
Introducing PALLA,a Novel Input Device for Leisure Activities: A Case Study on a Tangible Video Game for SeniorsOriginalSports
Comparing Order of Control for Tilt and Touch GamesOriginalSports, Table-Top Games
Non-Speech Input and Speech Recognition for Real-Time Control of Computer GamesTetrisPuzzle, Abstract
Attitudes to New Technology and Experiential Dimensions of Two Different Digital GamesNeed for Speed UndergroundRacing, Driving
Relevance and Immersion in Digital Games: Content and Personal FactorsOriginalPlatform, Abstract
Effect of Kinect Games on Postural Control of Patients with Parkinson's DiseaseKinect Adventures!Sports, Obstracle Course, Driving
Violent Video Games in Virtual Reality: Re-Evaluating the Impact and Rating of Interactive ExperiencesResident Evil 7Shoot 'Em Up, Adventure
RunPlay: Action Recognition Using Wearable Device Apply on Parkour GameOriginalObstacle Course
Bendtroller: An Exploration of In-Game Action Mappings with a Deformable Game ControllerDonkey Kong, Punch-Out, TetrisPlatform, Sports, Puzzle, Abstract
Simulator Sickness in Virtual Display Gaming: A Comparison of Stereoscopic and Non-Stereoscopic SituationsNeed for SpeedRacing, Driving
Study on the Change of Physiological Signals during Playing Body-Controlled GamesWii sportsSports
Vibraudio Pose: An Investigation of Non-Visual Feedback Roles for Body Controlled Video GamesOriginalRhythm and Dance
Activity Recognition for Movement-Based Interaction in Mobile GamesOriginalObstacle Course
Wizard of Wii: Toward Understanding Player Experience in First Person Games with 3D GesturesOriginalAdventure
Interruption and Pausing of Public Display GamesOriginalShoot 'Em Up
Magnetic Interaction with Devices: A Pilot Study on Mobile GamingRiver Raid, SnakeShoot 'Em Up, Puzzle, Collecting
Soap: A Pointing and Gaming Device for the Living Room and Anywhere ElseUnreal Tournament 2004Combat
Beyond Horror and Fear: Exploring Player Experience Invoked by Emotional Challenge in VR GamesA Show o f Kindness, Run RoomsAdventure, Escape
HedgewarsSGC: A Competitive Shared Game Control SettingHedgewarsPlatform, Shoot 'Em Up
Vanishing Importance: Studying Immersive Effects of Game Audio Perception on Player Experiences in Virtual RealityThe Vanishing of Ethan CarterAdventure
BreathVR: Leveraging Breathing as a Directly Controlled Interface for Virtual Reality GamesOriginalShoot 'Em Up, Sports
Bendy: Exploring Mobile Gaming with Flexible DevicesPong, Bricks, Pacman, Tetris, Space Invaders, Fat Cats(Original)Sports, Table-Top Games, Abstract, Table-Top Games, Abstract, Collecting, Escape, Maze, Puzzle, Abstract, Shoot 'Em Up, Target
Teach Me to Dance: Exploring Player Experience and Performance in Full Body Dance GamesOriginalRhythm and Dance
Surround Haptics: Tactile Feedback for Immersive Gaming ExperiencesOriginalDriving, Racing
Exploring Children's Verbal and Acoustic Synchrony: Towards Promoting Engagement in Speech-Controlled Robot-Companion GamesMole Madness(他研究)Platform
Ball Game Controller: A Tangible User InterfaceOriginalSports, Obstacle Course
Investigating On-Screen Gamepad Designs for Smartphone-Controlled Video GamesPac-Man, Super Mario BrosPlatform, Abstract, Collecting, Escape, Maze
Movement Awareness for Ubiquitous Game ControlPuzzle
Using “tilt” as an interface to control “no-button” 3-D mobile gamesOriginalDriving
Validation of EGameFlow: A Self-Report Scale for Measuring User Experience in Video Game PlayOriginalSports
視線を用いた新しいエンターテインメントOriginalCatching, Shoot 'Em Up
視線に追随するぼかしエフェクトがビデオゲームの体験に及ぼす影響の調査BADLAND, SPACE INVADERS EXTREME, ぷよぷよテトリス, Getting Over ItAdventure, Platform, Shoot 'Em Up, Puzzle

Open FPS

Designing a First Person Shooter Game for Quadriplegics
Measuring the impact of game controllers on player experience in FPS games
Immersive FPS games: user experience and performance
Procedural urban environments for FPS games Share on
From Brain Waves to Game Design: A Study on Analyzing and Manipulating Player Interest Levels
Using Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment to Improve the Experience and Train FPS Gamers
メタAI を用いたFPS ゲーム難易度の自動チューニング利用
ファーストパーソンシューティングゲームにおける プレイヤーの技能分析と向上支援
Understanding player threat responses in FPS games
Measuring interest in linear single player FPS games
Design patterns in FPS levels
Proposal and evaluation of models with and without position for immersive FPS games
Using Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment to Improve the Experience and Train FPS Gamers
The game itself?: Towards a Hermeneutics of Computer Games
Performance of input devices in FPS target acquisition
How computer gamers experience the game situation: a behavioral study
Biofeedback game design: using direct and indirect physiological control to enhance game interaction
A game theory approach to high-level strategic planning in first person shooters
Affective game engines: motivation and requirements
Game Cinematography: Towards Understanding Relationship between Spatial Distortion and Game-play
The effect of a collaborative game on group work
Game research, measuring gaming preferences
A classification of video games based on game characteristics linked to video coding complexity
Is 60 FPS better than 30?: the impact of frame rate and latency on moving target selection
Pairing character classes in a deathmatch shooter game via a deep-learning surrogate model
Adapting personal music for synesthetic game play
Using semiotic grammars for the rapid design of evolving video game mechanics
First-Person Shooter Game for Virtual Reality Headset with Advanced Multi-Agent Intelligent System
FPS ゲームにおける着目エリアの チームごとの視界占有率を強調した振り返り支援インタフェース
L33t or N00b?: How Player Skill Alters the Effects of Network Latency on First Person Shooter Game Players
Determinants of We-intention for Continue Playing FPS Game: Cooperation and Competition

Minimum Tennis

Intuitive Interaction with Motion Controls in a Tennis Video Game
Sensor networks as video game input devices
Tennis real play: an interactive tennis game with models from real videos
Intuitivité et incorporation des interactions gestuelles chez les utilisateurs de jeux vidéo
VI-Tennis: a vibrotactile/audio exergame for players who are visually impaired
Games for a Better Life: Effects of Playing Wii Games on the Well-Being of Seniors in a Long-Term Care Facility
The Impact of Tangible Props on Gaming Performance and Experience in Gestural Interaction
Activate your GAIM: a toolkit for input in active games
Using Games to Increase Exercise Motivation
Gaming Humanoids for Facilitating Social Interaction among People
Interaction: interfaces, algorithms, and applications
The Impact of Tangible Props on Gaming Performance and Experience in Gestural Interaction
Increasing Exergame Physical Activity through Self and Opponent Avatar Appearance
I Am What I See: How Avatar and Opponent Agent Body Size Affects Physical Activity Among Men Playing Exergames
Using low cost game controllers to capture data for 6th grade science labs
ThroughHand: 2D Tactile Interaction to Simultaneously Recognize and Touch Multiple Objects
Virtual reality gaming in rehabilitation after stroke – user experiences and perceptions
Multiplayer audio-only game: Pong on a massive multichannel loudspeaker system
Only for Casual Players? Investigating Player Differences in Full-body Game Interaction
VI-Tennis: a Vibrotactile/Audio Exergame for Players who are Visually Impaired
Breathalising Games: Understanding the Potential of Breath Control in Game Interfaces.
Wii all play: the console game as a computational meeting place
Audience experience in social videogaming: effects of turn expectation and game physicality
Body dominance during virtual tennis game: preliminary results
Analyzing User Behavior Data in a Mobile Tennis Game
Context-Awareness and Anticipation in a Tennis Video Game AI System
An AI-based tennis game by application of virtual reality components
Tennis computer game with brain control using EEG signals
V-Pong: an immersive table tennis simulation
Implementation and evaluation of a game using natural user interfaces in order to improve response time
Investigating the usability of interactive physical activity games for elderly: A pilot study
Achieving critical consistency through progressive slowdown in highly interactive Multi-Player Online Games
Myo-Pong: A neuromuscular game for the UVa-Neuromuscular Training System platform
Gaming humanoid: A humanoid video game player with emotional/encouraging movement and skill level control
A Comparison of Differences in Wii Performance and Perceived Life Quality among Physical Active and Inactive Aging Males in the Community
Real-Time Interaction with a Humanoid Avatar in an Immersive Table Tennis Simulation
3-D Streaming Supplying Partner Protocols for Mobile Collaborative Exergaming for Health
The Impact of Controller Naturalness on Spatial Presence, Gamer Enjoyment, and Perceived Realism in a Tennis Simulation Video Game
WiiEMG: A real-time environment for control of the Wii with surface electromyography
Effect of authentic input devices on computer game immersion.
Coronary Prone Behavior: Components of the Type A Pattern and HostUity
Challenge-Induced Cardiovascular Response as a Predictor of Minor Illnesses
Physical and psychosocial effects of Wii video game use among older women
A feasibility study using interactive commercial off-the-shelf computer gaming in upper limb rehabilitation in patients after stroke
テニスの打撃感を伝える触感提示手法の提案 : 第1報 : 実測値を基にした振動刺激の生成と評価
Effect of Virtual Reality Exercise Using the Nintendo Wii Fit on Muscle Activities of the Trunk and Lower Extremities of Normal Adults
Prediction of Ping-Pong Ball Trajectory Based on Neural Network Using Player’s Body Motions
Body dominance during virtual tennis game: preliminary results
Analyzing User Behavior Data in a Mobile Tennis Game
Context-Awareness and Anticipation in a Tennis Video Game AI System
An AI-based tennis game by application of virtual reality components
Tennis computer game with brain control using EEG signals
V-Pong: an immersive table tennis simulation
Implementation and evaluation of a game using natural user interfaces in order to improve response time
Investigating the usability of interactive physical activity games for elderly: A pilot study
Achieving critical consistency through progressive slowdown in highly interactive Multi-Player Online Games
Myo-Pong: A neuromuscular game for the UVa-Neuromuscular Training System platform
Gaming humanoid: A humanoid video game player with emotional/encouraging movement and skill level control
A Comparison of Differences in Wii Performance and Perceived Life Quality among Physical Active and Inactive Aging Males in the Community
Real-Time Interaction with a Humanoid Avatar in an Immersive Table Tennis Simulation
3-D Streaming Supplying Partner Protocols for Mobile Collaborative Exergaming for Health
The Impact of Controller Naturalness on Spatial Presence, Gamer Enjoyment, and Perceived Realism in a Tennis Simulation Video Game
WiiEMG: A real-time environment for control of the Wii with surface electromyography

Common Experience Sample(CES)

A 3D Printable Hand Exoskeleton for the Haptic Exploration of Virtual 3D Scenesなしなし
A Non-grounded and Encountered-type Haptic Display Using a Drone空中に浮かんだ球体上の敵を剣で突いて倒す(でも)、線を書く(実験)なし
Adaptic: A Shape Changing Prop with Haptic Retargeting机の上に置いてある仮想の本と懐中電灯を掴んで移動させる。形状
Adding Force Feedback to Mixed Reality Experiences and Games using Electrical Muscle Stimulation範囲のある回転式ダイヤルを回す、 ソファを押して動かす 電気のボタンを押す カタパルトを手で引っ張り、射的をする 台を用い、ビー玉を落とし迷路を操作する 摩擦 ボタンのバネの反力
Aero-plane: A Handheld Force-Feedback Device that Renders Weight Motion Illusion on a Virtual 2D Plane板の上をボールを転がすゲーム、 frying pans, pots, and a rolling barを使って料理する shooting range フライトシュミレータ 釣り変化する重心位置 重さ、形状(重さ)(長さの異なる銃)
AirRacket: Perceptual Design of Ungrounded, Directional Force Feedback to Improve Virtual Racket Sports Experiences卓球 ばと テニス方向力 振動
AlteredWind: Manipulating Perceived Direction of the Wind by Cross-Modal presentation of Visual, Audio and Wind Stimuli森(木と空しかない)風の感覚
Altering Perceived Softness of Real Rigid Objects by Restricting Fingerpad Deformation鉛筆の消しゴムを人差し指で押す バットマンのラバーダックをなでる(人差し指)軟性(柔らかさ)
An Infant-Like Device that Reproduces Hugging Sensation with Multi-Channel Haptic Feedback赤ちゃんを抱くシーン体重,体温,呼吸,柔らかさ,不安定な首など
Beyond The Force: Using Quadcopters to Appropriate Objects and the Environment for Haptics in Virtual Reality服を触るシーン 箱を掴むシーン ハンガーをかけるシーン
BoEs: attachable haptics bits on gaming controller for designing interactive gameplay杖を使って天国の自然要素を操作する能力を持つインターンの役割を演じる風、湿気、熱、モーションフィードバックな
Breaking the Tracking: Enabling Weight Perception using Perceivable Tracking Offsetsボーリング重さ
Bstick: Handheld Virtual Reality Haptic Controller for Hand Rehabilitation球体に触れるシーン 指先でプリミティブな形状のものを掴んで運ぶシーン剛性、柔らかさ、形、大きさ
Build-and-Touch: A Low-Cost, DIY, Open-Source Approach Towards Touchable Virtual Realitycubeに触れるシーンなし
CapstanCrunch: A Haptic VR Controller with User-supplied Force Feedback硬さと大きさのことなるボールをひたすら把持するシーン柔らかさ、大きさ
Chasm: A Screw Based Expressive Compact Haptic Actuatorホワイトボードへのお絵かき(軽い圧力) 2種類のテクスチャなぞる(振動強弱で表現) ラバーダッキーを棒を介して触る 布を棒で突く(抵抗) 3つの立方体と3つの球体を棒を介して触るテクスチャ、質量、慣性、剛性、重さ、剪断力
Chemical Haptics: Rendering Haptic Sensations via Topical Stimulants冬の森 溶接序のような、火のあるシーン暖かさ、涼しさ、痺れ、痛さ
CLAW: A Multifunctional Handheld Haptic Controller for Grasping, Touching, and Triggering in Virtual Reality積み木、 銃を撃つ大きさ、質感、硬さ
Cobity: A Plug-And-Play Toolbox to Deliver Haptics in Virtual Realityユーザが仮想のドアに相当する平面を触る様子衝突、
Combining deep learning algorithm with scene recognition and haptic feedback for 4D-VR cinema火災、光、竜巻、雪、吹雪熱線、熱風、水分
Combining Dynamic Passive Haptics and Haptic Retargeting for Enhanced Haptic Feedback in Virtual Reality置いてある棒を持ち上げるシーン体重移動
COMFlex: An Adaptive Haptic Interface with Shape-Changing and Weight-Shifting Mechanism for Immersive Virtual Reality形状やサイズの異なるドライバー,ハンマー,ドリルを持つシーン 水の入った水筒を傾けるシーン 釣り(引っかかった瞬間の重さ表現)形状やサイズ 重心位置 重さ
Comparing Thermal and Haptic Feedback Mechanisms for Game Controllers温冷
Computational design of hand-held VR controllers using haptic shape illusion形状、大きさ、重さ
Creating a virtual archery experienceアーチェリー張力
Demonstrating HapticBots: Distributed Encountered-type Haptics for VR with Multiple Shape-changing Mobile Robots家、体、UI,チェスに触るシーン ハンマーでブロックとインタラクトするシーン形状
Demonstration of Enabling People with Visual Impairments to Navigate Virtual Reality with a Haptic and Auditory Cane Simulation点字ブロックやカーペットを棒でなぞる 壁や柱に棒を当てる抵抗、振動、質感(憶測)
Design and Development of a Low-cost Device for Weight and Center of Gravity Simulation in Virtual Reality棒、石のついた棒、コップ、水の入ったコップ、バナナを持つシーン重量、重心
Development of MirrorShape: High Fidelity Large-Scale Shape Rendering Framework for Virtual Reality記述なし複雑な形状
Dexmo: An Inexpensive and Lightweight Mechanical Exoskeleton for Motion Capture and Force Feedback in VRアーチェリーゲーム大きさ、力(アーチェリー),a%20pleasant%20virtual%20reality%20experience.
DextrEMS: Increasing Dexterity in Electrical Muscle Stimulation by Combining it with Brakes手話 ピアノ演奏 ギター演奏 モグラ叩き(触る) ボルダリング形状
DextrES: Wearable Haptic Feedback for Grasping in VR via a Thin Form-Factor Electrostatic Brakeプリミティブな形状の物体を把持するシーン フリスビー射的 イライラ棒ゲーム ボールをカップに移すタスク 本を特定の場所にしまうタスク フリー遊び(色々ある空間)形状、剛性
Douleur: Creating Pain Sensation with Chemical Stimulant to Enhance User Experience in Virtual Reality犬に噛まれるシナリオ、(b)腐食性液体シナリオ、(c)ホットコーひーをこぼす痛覚、
Drag:on: A Virtual Reality Controller Providing Haptic Feedback Based on Drag and Weight Shift重さの異なる木の標識を持ち上げる マテリアルの異なるシャベルを持ち上げる重さ、マテリアル(見た目のマテリアルに適した重さフィードバック)、形状
DualVib: Simulating Haptic Sensation of Dynamic Mass by Combining Pseudo-Force and Texture Feedbackカクテルシェーカー ソースをかけるシーン チェーンソーで切るシーン バズーカ動的な質量
Early Implementation of VR Stuffed Toy System with Virtual Softnessぬいぐるみをふわふわするシーン柔らかさ
ElaStick: A Handheld Variable Stiffness Display for Rendering Dynamic Haptic Response of Flexible Objectフェンシング バターを鍋で混ぜるシーン power twister(筋トレ器具)剛性(ダイナミック)
ElasticVR: Providing Multilevel Continuously-Changing Resistive Force and Instant Impact Using Elasticity for VR弾性力の異なる球体に触れる、 銃のリコイル、 触診(医療)、 野球のピッチングとバッティング抵抗力(物体の弾性によるものなど) 衝撃(反動によるものなど)
ElastiLinks: Force Feedback between VR Controllers with Dynamic Points of Application of Force釣り ライフル アーチェリー 攻撃(殴り、ナイフ) 抵抗力と衝撃
ElastOscillation: 3D Multilevel Force Feedback for Damped Oscillation on VR Controllersフライパンフリップ バーテンダーシェイク ワインスワリング フィッシング重さ(抵抗力)、重心位置
Electromagnetic Vibration Tactile Feedback for Biological and Artificial Wave Signals使用なし(アプリケーションなし)振動のみ
Electrostatic tactile display with thin film slider and its application to tactile tele-presentation systemsマテリアル画像の上をなぞる(VRではない)質感
Enhancing Texture Perception in Virtual Reality Using 3D-Printed Hair Structuresマテリアルボードを触るざらつきや硬さの感覚
Envisioning Haptic Design for Immersive Virtual Environments質感の異なる椅子を触るシーンテクスチャ
Explorations of Wrist Haptic Feedback for AR/VR Interactions with Tasbiボタン 回転ノブ、 テクスチャ、 テニス アーチェリー 風にあたる がんのサイレンサーをひねったりスライドをコッキングする。テクスチャ、剛体の重量と慣性、風
Exploring of Simulating Passing through Feeling on the Wrist: Using Thermal Feedbackなし体内を通過する感覚(新感覚)
FinGAR: Combination of Electrical and Mechanical Stimulation for High-Fidelity Tactile Presentationテクスチャの異なる平面をなぞる、数種類のテクスチャと形状
FingerFlex: Shape Memory Alloy-based Actuation on Fingers for Kinesthetic Haptic Feedbackキーパッドのボタンを押す運動感覚
Fingertip Tactile Devices for Virtual Object Manipulation and Exploration異なる特性のcubeを把持する摩擦、硬さ、質量
FingerX: Rendering Haptic Shapes of Virtual Objects Augmented by Real Objects using Extendable and Withdrawable Supports on Fingers触るシーン(コップ、グラス、銃、プリミティブ、本、芳香剤(円錐)形状
FlexHaptics: A Design Method for Passive Haptic Inputs Using Planar Compliant Structures弓道ゲーム抵抗
FlexTorque, FlexTensor, and HapticEye: exoskeleton haptic interfaces for augmented interactionガンサンプルと同じもの ダンベル アーチェリー反動、抵抗力
Flowing-Haptic Sleeve: Research on Apparent Tactile Motion Applied to Simulating the Feeling of Flow on the Armなし流れ感(新感覚?)
Flyables: Haptic Input Devices for Virtual Reality using Quadcoptersボタン、ノブ、ジョイスティック、スライダー、3dマウスによる操作を行うシーン硬さ
GamesBond: Bimanual Haptic Illusion of Physically Connected Objects for Immersive VR Using Grip Deformation様々な特性の棒とインタラクトするシーン (硬い棒、power twister,縄跳び、 釣り 網漁 形状 硬さ
Give Weight to VR: Manipulating Users’ Perception of Weight in Virtual Reality with Electric Muscle Stimulationダンベルバイセップスカール重量
GlideReality: a highly immersive VR System augmented by a novel multi-modal and multi-contact cutaneous wearable display手の上で弾ませる(ボールの材質(革(サッカー)、スポンジ、プラスチック(風船)) 寸法や素材の特性を踏まえたボタンを押す 円柱を手の上で転がすシーン硬さ、
Grabity: A Wearable Haptic Interface for Simulating Weight and Grasping in Virtual Reality硬さや重さの異なるCubeオブジェクトを手で掴む硬さ、重さ、大きさ
Gravity grabber: wearable haptic display to present virtual mass sensation重力のかかるオブジェクト(グラス)を持つ重さ
GravityCup: a liquid-based haptics for simulating dynamic weight in virtual realityカップにコーヒーを入れるシーン 水道からグラスに水を入れるシーン 植物に水をやるシーン ドッグフードを入れるシーン重さ
HairTouch: Providing Stiffness, Roughness and Surface Height Differences Using Reconfigurable Brush Hairs on a VR Controller硬さの異なる立方体を触る(置かれているものに対して人差し指で) 粗さの異なるテクスチャを触る 子猫を触る 枕と枕カバーを触る多彩な硬さ、粗さ、表面の高さの違い
Hap-link: wearable haptic device on the forearm that presents haptics sensations corresponding to the fingersマテリアル触り ペグインホール質感や硬軟,温度
Hapballoon: Wearable Haptic Balloon-Based Feedback Device素材や形状の異なるオブジェクトを触る質感や硬さ・柔らかさ、温度
Hapcube: a tactile actuator providing tangential and normal pseudo-force feedback on a fingertip4種類の仮想ボタン 質感、硬さ
Haptic around: multiple tactile sensations for immersive environment and interaction in virtual reality砂漠のシーンでは、エネルギーによる熱を感じることができます。 川沿いの谷間では、風や湿った空気を感じることができます。 湿った空気を感じることができます。熱、風
Haptic Illusion Glove: A Glove for Illusionary Touch Feedback when Grasping Virtual Objects持つ(ハンマー、コーヒーカップ、じょうろ)
Haptic Links: Bimanual Haptics for Virtual Reality Using Variable Stiffness Actuation銃、ピストル、トロンボーン、弓矢を持つ ハンドルを握って運転剛性、形状
Haptic PIVOT: On-Demand Handhelds in VR様々な形と大きさのものを掴む(テニスボール、マグカップ、ルービックキューブ) 異なる方向、スピードで飛んでくるボールをキャッチする重力や慣性、空気抵抗
HAPTIC PLASTeR: soft, thin, light and flexible haptic display using DEA composed of slide-ring material for daily life鼓動 素材 風
Haptic Retargeting: Dynamic Repurposing of Passive Haptics for Enhanced Virtual Reality Experiencesブロック積み上げ大きさ、形状
Haptic Revolver: Touch, Shear, Texture, and Shape Rendering on a Reconfigurable Virtual Reality Controller異なるテクスチャを触れるポーカーセット、 ペイントと彫刻、 タイピング、 DJ物理的な質感、形状、エッジ、アクティブな要素
Haptic-go-round: A Surrounding Platform for Encounter-type Haptics in Virtual Reality Experiences釣り 武器選択画面 砲丸投げ FPS ボタン押下 脱出げーむ張力(抵抗力)
HapticDrone: An Encountered-Type Kinesthetic Haptic Interface with Controllable Force Feedback: Initial Example for 1D Haptic Feedback.オブジェクトを真上に持ち上げるシーン重さ、硬さ
HapticPanel: An Open System to Render Haptic Interfaces in Virtual Reality for Manufacturing Industry入力エレメントを操作する(ボタン、回転のぶ、スライダー)サイズと形状
HaptiVec: Presenting Haptic Feedback Vectors in Handheld Controllers using Embedded Tactile Pin ArraysFPSゲーム(Doom) 雨に当たるシーン方向情報
Haptobend: shape-changing passive haptic feedback in virtual realityスマートフォン、ノートパソコン、タブレット、ペン、懐中電灯、スレッジハンマー。を触る形状
HapTwist: Creating Interactive Haptic Proxies in Virtual Reality Using Low-cost Twistable Artefactsコップ、ペンチ、ピストル、おの、スマホ、M4A1 卓球 運転 釣り形状
Impacto: Simulating Physical Impact by Combining Tactile Stimulation with Electrical Muscle Stimulationボクシング、 リフティング、 野球 フェンシング、卓球衝撃
Inducing Body-Transfer Illusions in VR by Providing Brief Phases of Visual-Tactile Stimulation立方体や球体などの基本的な形状を触る 手の上でボールを弾ませる衝撃、形状
Interactive Virtual-Reality Fire Extinguisher with Haptic Feedback火災シーン振動、気流
iTurk: Turning Passive Haptics into Active Haptics by Making Users Reconfigure Props in Virtual Reality連続的な脱出ゲーム ボールを叩くゲーム(頭上に糸で吊るされているので戻ってくる)形状
JetController: High-speed Ungrounded 3-DoF Force Feedback Controllers using Air Propulsion Jetsbeat saber FPS(Half-Life: Alyx)運動方向、運動量
Let me grab this: a comparison of EMS and vibration for haptic feedback in free-hand interactionなし柔らかいか硬いか、滑らかか粗いか
Leviopole: mid-air haptic interactions using multirotor川でのエクストリームスポーツゲーム、 ハイジャンプアクション、 ウェイトリフティングなどのフィットネスアプリケーション重さ(抵抗感)
MagTics: Flexible and Thin Form Factor Magnetic Actuators for Dynamic and Wearable Haptic Feedbackプリミティブなものに触れるシーン形状とおおきさ
Mediate: A Spatial Tangible Interface for Mixed Realityプリミティブなものに触れるシーン形状
Midair Haptic-Optic Display with Multi-Tactile Texture based on Presenting Vibration and Pressure Sensation by Ultrasound布、木の板、ゲルを触る粗さ
Mochitsuki: a real-object-based, interactive haptic interface餅つき剛性
Mutual Human Actuation凧揚げ 釣り抵抗
NormalTouch and TextureTouch: High-fidelity 3D Haptic Shape Rendering on Handheld Virtual Reality Controllersテーブルの上でボールをはじく質感、形状、大きさ
Omni: Volumetric Sensing and Actuation of Passive Magnetic Tools for Dynamic Haptic Feedbackレースゲーム形状、衝撃
OoEs: playing in the immersive game with augmented hapticsアドベンチャーゲーム(炎、水、自然、風が含まれる)温度、風
PaCaPa: A Handheld VR Device for Rendering Size, Shape, and Stiffness of Virtual Objects in Tool-based Interactions棒状のものを振る。モグラ叩き、刀を振る形状、大きさ、硬さ
PhantomTouch: Creating an Extended Reality by the Illusion of Touch using a Shape-Memory Alloy Matrix人に触れられるシーン衝突
Pneu-Multi-Tools: Auto-Folding and Multi-Shapes Interface by Pneumatics in Virtual Reality様々な形状を触る(アイスクリーム、レンガ、ペンチ、懐中電灯)それぞれプリミティブな図形形状
PneumAct: Pneumatic Kinesthetic Actuation of Body Joints in Virtual Reality Environments銃 ウェイトリフティング 配線をキルゲーム反動、重さ、電気のビリビリ
PoCoPo: Handheld Pin-based Shape Display for Haptic Rendering in Virtual Realitystaticオブジェクトの把持(グラス、放りネズミ、マトリョーシカ、トロフィー、へび、ハムスター)形状、動き(へび)
Providing Haptics to Walls & Heavy Objects in Virtual Reality by Means of Electrical Muscle Stimulation磁石や電気オブジェクトに触れるシーン。 壁、ゲート、スライダー、箱、投射物にも触れる大きさ、重さ
PuPoP: Pop-up Prop on Palm for Virtual Reality投擲、キャッチ、ペインティング大きさ、形状
QuadStretch: A Forearm-wearable Multi-dimensional Skin Stretch Display for Immersive VR Haptic Feedback. (a) Boxing, (b) Pistol, (c) Archery, (d) Slingshot, (e) Wings, (f) Climbing張力、反動、衝撃
Raising the Heat: Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Simulated Heat Withdrawal Response熱いものに触れる温度(反射する体の動き)
REACH+: Extending the Reachability of Encountered-type Haptics Devices through Dynamic Redirection in VR立方体に上から指を当てる衝突(あるという情報のみ)
RecyGlide : A Forearm-worn Multi-modal Haptic Display aimed to Improve User VR Immersion Submission粘性の異なる液体の中に手を入れる プリミティブな図形に触れる衝突(あるという情報のみ)
Retargeted Self-Haptics for Increased Immersion in VR without Instrumentationボタン押下 アーチェリー スマホ、バットを触る 銃に装弾する マッチで火をつける にんじんを切る ボウルで何かを混ぜる ハンマーで釘を打つ 指紋認証 円形のドアノブを持つ衝突 張力 形状
RollingStone: Using Single Slip Taxel for Enhancing Active Finger Exploration with a Virtual Reality Controllerテクスチャ比較部屋シーン、 最も粘着力が強いと思われる表紙を探す、 ダーツを投げる質感
Self-Transforming Controllers for Virtual Reality First Person Shooters銃を撃つ大きさ 形状
Shape-Haptics: Planar & Passive Force Feedback Mechanisms for Physical Interfaces銃のトリガー引く剛性
ShapeSense: a 2D shape rendering VR device with moving surfaces that controls mass properties and air resistance剣、ラケット、などを振り回す形状、大きさ
shapeShift: 2D Spatial Manipulation and Self-Actuation of Tabletop Shape Displays for Tangible and Haptic Interaction10種類のプリミティブな図形を触る形状、大きさ
Shifty: A Weight-Shifting Dynamic Passive Haptic Proxy to Enhance Object Perception in Virtual Reality長さや薄さが変化する仮想オブジェクトとインタクトするVE 重さの異なるハンマーを持つシーン形状、大きさ、重さ
Smooth as Steel Wool: Effects of Visual Stimuli on the Haptic Perception of Roughness in Virtual Reality自分の腕に様々な素材のものを擦り付けられるシーン質感
Snake Charmer: Physically Enabling Virtual Objects様々なものを触るシーン質感、温度
SpinOcchio: Understanding Haptic-Visual Congruency of Skin-Slip in VR with a Dynamic Grip Controller指で挟んだものの、厚みと滑りを表現する形状、質感
SWISH: A Shifting-Weight Interface of Simulated Hydrodynamics for Haptic Perception of Virtual Fluid Vessels流体の入った小さい樽を動かすシーン重心
Tactile Drones - Providing Immersive Tactile Feedback in Virtual Reality through Quadcopters森の中で蜂に刺さレルシーン形状
TeslaMirror: Multistimulus Encounter-Type Haptic Display for Shape and Texture Rendering in VR図形の形状や、ライオンの銅像の形状を触って確認するシーン形状
The Case for Haptic Props: Shape, Weight and Vibro-tactile Feedback野球のバッティング形状、重さ
The Virtual Mitten: A novel interaction paradigm for visuo-haptic manipulation of objects using grip force引き出しを引く ピンを引く レバーを引く 円柱を回転させる ミキサーでフルーツジュースを作る シャワー スプレー描画弾性、
ThermAirGlove: A Pneumatic Glove for Thermal Perception and Material Identification in Virtual Reality温度の異なる素材を触る温度
Therminator: Understanding the Interdependency of Visual and On-Body Thermal Feedback in Virtual Reality雨、雪、トロピカルアイランド、火を使った戦い、ヒートランプ温度
Thor's Hammer: An Ungrounded Force Feedback Device Utilizing Propeller-Induced Propulsive Force水流の浮力や抗力、 鎖につながれた動物の引っ張り、 ボタンを押したときの抵抗、 物体の重さなどを体験硬さ
TORC: A Virtual Reality Controller for In-Hand High-Dexterity Finger Interaction柔らかいcubeを把持する質感,剛性
Touch&Fold: A Foldable Haptic Actuator for Rendering Touch in Mixed RealityUI(ボタン、スライダー)操作 ボタン ピアノ マグカップ MRTK使ってる質感、接触
TouchVR: a Wearable Haptic Interface for VR Aimed at Delivering Multi-modal Stimuli at the User’s Palm手のひらに蜘蛛を乗せる 竜の卵の鼓動や揺れ ボールを弾く感覚を再現するためのアプリケーション重さ、滑り、出会い、柔らかさ、質感、動き
Transcalibur: A Weight Shifting Virtual Reality Controller for 2D Shape Rendering based on Computational Perception Model様々な武器を使ってドラゴンと戦う形状、大きさ、(重さ)
Ungrounded handheld device for simulating high-forces of ball impacts in virtual tennisテニス衝突
Ungrounded haptic rendering device for torque simulation in virtual tennisテニス衝突
User Redirection and Direct Haptics in Virtual Environmentsものを置くタスク衝突
Virtual Reality Interface for Visual Art with a Five-Fingered Haptic Controllerプリミティブな図形を持つ はけを使ったドローイング 彫刻、スプレー缶を持つ形状
VirtualBricks: Exploring a Scalable, Modular Toolkit for Enabling Physical Manipulation in VRバイクの運転シーン シューティング(銃) シューティング(パチンコ) goniometer(角度計測器) DJ機器の操作 ドラゴンになり切る 手錠形状
Visuo-Haptic Illusions for Improving the Perceived Performance of Shape Displays柔らかいボールを触る 迷路を触る形状、剛性
VR Grabbers: Ungrounded Haptic Retargeting for Precision Grabbing Toolscubeを箸でつまむ大きさ
VRHapticDrones: Providing Haptics in Virtual Reality through Quadcopters静止・動く魚を触る イソギンチャクを触る 壁、風船、椅子、コーヒーカップ、そして 枕があるシーン形状、動き
Weirding Haptics: In-Situ Prototyping of Vibrotactile Feedback in Virtual Reality through Vocalization(a)異なるサイズの箱。 (b)表面のテクスチャ、 (c)スライダー、(d)スライドロッドにテクスチャを施したスライダー、(e)中世の剣とライトセーバー、(f)テクスチャのある壁。金属と木(g)金属製の引き出 木製の引き出し。質感 衝突
Wind-blaster: a wearable propeller-based prototype that provides ungrounded force-feedback一人称の多様な武器を使うシューティングゲーム反動、衝突(剣)
Wireality: Enabling Complex Tangible Geometries in Virtual Reality with Worn Multi-String Hapticsa wall, tilted flat surface, sphere, pole, and irregular objectを触る(実験) ハイタッチ ボタン、レバー、ピアノ形状
Wireless Embedded System on a Glove for Hand Motion Capture and Tactile Feedback in 3D Environmentsプリミティブな図形を持つ衝突
Wolverine: A Wearable Haptic Interface for Grasping in Virtual Realityコップを持つ大きさ形状
X-Rings: A Hand-mounted 360 Degree Shape Display for Grasping in Virtual Reality盃 ハンマー ジョッキ 剣形状