Multi View Recorder
This web application allows you to record multiple screens simultaneously by simply connecting a webcam to your PC. Use it for qualitative evaluation of gaming experiences that are difficult to observe. Up to four cameras can be projected. It is also possible to project a game screen by connecting another PC or display as a webcam via a capture board.
Ah-Aloud Method
This experimental technique allows us to observe the real-time emotions of the experimental participants. The magnitude and tone of the "Ah" that participants vocalize during the task are used to determine the ups and downs of their emotions and the type of emotion they are experiencing. Since "Ah" is used as an emotional verb in daily life, it is easy to determine the emotion, and since it does not require tools or equipment, it is useful for casual experiments.

External Tools

This is an experimental software that allows you to change various parameters related to jump processing and camera movement processing for platform (jump action) games.
Game Controllerizer
Middleware for digital game extensions. It can handle a variety of devices and information sources as input to existing games.

Open Source Games

Google Research Football
A 3D soccer game for reinforcement learning, developed by Google and running in python.
This is a side-scrolling action game about penguins. Features can be added by add-ons.
This 2D fighting game is used in the Fighting Game AI Competition (FTGAIC), an international competition for fighting game AI performance.

Browser Games

Play DOS Games
You can play DOS (old OS) games. 600+ games are available and can be searched by category.
Pong Game
You can play Pong games. You can change the difficulty level and play network games with multiple players.
Solitaire Bliss
You can play solitaire and other card games. It has a save function and can be loaded to restart from the original position.

Development Frameworks

It is a framework specialized for 2D games and developed in HTML and JavaScript.
3D games and VR content can be developed in C#, C++, and visual scripting.
It is a no-code tool that makes it easy to develop action and novel games.


BGM and SE are provided free of charge. Arranging songs is allowed and secondary distribution is prohibited.
Three D Scans
We provide 3D models of artistic objects, which can be DLed without copyright restrictions.
Game UI Database
This is a database that lists the UI of various games. You can search by conditional queries such as "loading screen" or "button".