Results submission site for the Common Experience Sample is now open!


What is the Common Experience Sample?

Common Experience Sample (CES) is a VR sample for evaluating tactile displays.

By using CES, visual stimuli can be shared among studies and comparative evaluations can be made.

In order to further ensure comparative evaluation, we have created a posting site to share the results of questionnaires from experiments conducted using common experience samples.

The questionnaire is embedded in CES, and the results of the questionnaire (CSV file) can be downloaded immediately after the experiment.

The questionnaire are standard equipped in the CES.

Results Submission Site

Input items are as follows

  • Sample used
  • Device information (URL of product page, article, etc.)
  • Reference device
  • Downloaded results data (CSV file of survey results)
  • Remarks

The reference device refers to the standard controller that comes with HMDs such as Oculus Quest2 and HTC Vive Pro.

By conducting experiments not only with the proposed tactile display but also with the reference device and sharing the questionnaire results, a more rigorous comparative evaluation will be possible.

Upload the survey results obtained from CES and share them with other researchers!

Paper Information

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